Focus on Life's Vision

  • Male basketball player wearing red Division1 sports safety frames looking off to the left with a quote about integrity.

    A company that respects its business relationships and offers distributors a better and more readily available alternative for athletic, safety, Rx'able eyewear.

  • Women soccer player holding soccer ball and wearing black Division1 athletic performance safety eyewear and standing on a soccer field at night with a quote on ASTM F-803 impact resistance and safety.
    Play hard. Stay Safe. DIVISION1 Specs meet ASTM F-803 for impact resistance.
  • Close up of Division1 sports goggle frames highlighting the MForce technology with Hadronic lock mechanism.
    Our Patented M-FORCE Technology that uses our proprietary Hadronic lock mechanism to meet ASTM FB03 for impact resistance.
  • Young man playing baseball wearing a red helmet and red Divison1 athletic eyewear and swinging a bat with a quote on Miro Optix’ commitment to safety and community outreach.
    Dedicated to helping raise awareness about eye injuries and how to prevent them through community outreach and education.
Once read an Indian proverb that nicely stated how I have chosen to live my life, “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.”  It’s really all so simple when you think about it. I have survived some extremely difficult challenges in life and chose to rise above it all.  I am humbled and in awe of life.  Every day I seek to be a loving husband and best friend to my wife; a loving dad to my son – best dad – best buddy and a role model to my two step-children who have allowed me to be a special part of their lives.


Live life out loud! We are focused on life’s vision and we want to know yours. Share your thoughts, inspirational moments and life time goals with us here for a chance to win a pair of DIVISION1 Specs.

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A better company

Standing tall behind the DIVISION1™ brand is the leadership and direction of its parent company, Miro Optix. The company makes a commitment to athletes that wear DIVISION1 to provide frames that promote the safety of their eyes while enabling them to stay on top of their game.
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